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The kitten is struggling to get a kiss
The kitten is struggling to get a kiss from her mother. Photo -

Sacrifice for a Kiss

GOODAY – A young cat with black fur white suddenly get lost in between the poles of the cantilever roof gazebo. Although her mother saw it, she just goes up, sniffing his son’s face and then down again. He would like to see the sacrifice of a kitten to meet his mother. Her son have to make sacrifices for a kiss

The kitten who thinks will be helped down trying to pursue stem-trunk. While his mother waited at the top of the wall, under the roof of the gazebo. Carefully kitten running. This is the story of a simple motivation.

Struggling hard to Sacrifice for a kiss

Several times he almost lost balance. The voice of the Meow Meow Meow constantly heard from his mother’s mouth. But not too hard. Maybe it’s the beat to encourage his son so don’t be afraid to face the ordeal of being able to meet him. Sacrifice for a kiss is worth to watch

There is no other way, woody stems is the only way to get a kiss from mom. Even if it had to do with hanging, the body upside down and nearly fell.

Actually, that’s the life of the vernacular of the day. Example on kittens and their mother is just one of the many struggles that must be traversed every sentient life.

And human beings are fed to menggunakanannya in the current struggle to do. Obstacles for the sake of the obstacles will bring up someone if it is able to pass through. But it will fall if it fails.

Unfortunately, there are no see how a kitten last fall, almost hanging. The audience only clapping when watching a kitten and her mother come into contact each other, nose kissing. Never thought about how the struggles of kittens pass through rods can go down from the tree to the roof of the gazebo.

Success always delights to be enjoyed. But the struggle is sometimes forgotten. Man wish his life always filled with good fortune, when in fact the test of raising his soul. Pain during the actual bidder for struggling through life. If suatau when knocked down again, he already has the antidote, and expected more wise decision.

Kittens that end up getting warm kisses his mother. After struggling … ***